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Written by: K D Tunstall, Amber Tunstall
Performed by: K D Tunstal, Amber Tunstall, Bill Whigham

This remains a work in progress. Song contains copy protections (annoying beep every 10 seconds or so)
Lyrics follow

@ Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.

The stranger
you can never see
Feel the presence
Moving slowly down the street
Another faceless entity
Win, lose or draw
It’s just the break before your fall

Hear the laughter
from the other room
But there’s nothing
but pending sense of doom
Feels like a crypt or haunted tomb
Win, lose or draw
It’s just the break before you fall.

Foreign to your stride
Leaving nowhere
For you to run or for you to hide
You’ve picked a very lonely ride
Win, lose or draw
It’s just the break before you fall

At most, you feel so close.
Yet all you want and crave for is all lost.
And you cringe, in the dark.
Escape, a price you’ll pay at any cost.

Against the wall **Amber wrote these** (mine in parenthetical)
Take (your) one last breath
Live and let die
That’s (always) been your shibboleth
But now you see your death (witness your own death)
Win, lose or draw
There’s nothing (left) to break your fall